This page contains a list of reflections that I have written from time to time since I set up this website in the autumn of 2017. Like my writings as a whole, they reflect my awakening understanding of the challenges and wonderful opportunities facing humanity today.

23rd May 2022Reflections on My Eightieth Birthday
7th March 2022Maintaining Inner Peace
6th April 2021Looking inwards
13th March 2021Communicating with Each Other
1st January 2021The Mystical Whole
11th December 2020The Implicate Order
4th December 2020Our evolutionary inheritance
28th November 2020Projection
20th November 2020Bipartisanship
9th November 2020Transcending polarized fragmentation
16th October 2020Alpha and Omega
29th March 2020A tantalizing puzzle
29th March 2020Everything must change
26th March 2020Practicing Self-Inquiry
10th November 2019Healing our sick society
28th June 2019The Cosmic Equation
1st February 2019Being Wholeness
21st August 2018Living in two worlds
17th May 2018Abrupt climate change
19th April 2018Unifying Mysticism and Mathematics
13th April 2018Living at Peace at the end of time
23rd February 2018Revealing the Hidden Harmony
17th February 2018Superhuman Operating System
14th February 2018Compassionate Cosmology
8th February 2018What is inner science?
4th February 2018 Universal Method
31st January 2018Cocreating harmonious social order
26th January 2018Living as mystic and scientist
7th January 2018Living at evolution’s Omega Point
7th January 2018God, Universe, humans, and machines
2nd December 2017Awakening to Total Revolution
30th November 2017Our emerging species
15th November 2017The Grand Design of the Universe
9th November 2017Beginnings and Endings
30th October 2017Finding Inner Peace
29th October 2017On Wholeness