The art and science of humanity

During the last eight months, the creative power of Life has given me a quite new way of presenting the art and science of humanity that I have been developing with Self-reflective Intelligence during the past 43 years, since resigning from my innovative marketing job with IBM in London. It is based more on what we could become, rather than on how human nature has evolved during the 5,000 years of the conflict-ridden patriarchal epoch.

Most notably, we cannot get to where we are going by starting where we are today. For, as Vimala Thakar wisely said in the opening paragraph of Spirituality and Social Action: A Holistic Approach in 1984, “In a time when the survival of the human race is in question, continuing with the status quo is to cooperate with insanity, to contribute to chaos.” She therefore asks, “Do we have the vitality to go beyond narrow, one-sided views of human life and to open ourselves to totality, wholeness?” For as she says, “The call of the hour is to move beyond the fragmentary, to awaken to total revolution.”

Making such a radical change to the way we live our lives is of the utmost simplicity. All we need to do is adopt an integral, both-and approach to human reasoning, which Heraclitus of Ephesus aptly called the ‘Hidden Harmony’. Aristotle rejected Heraclitus, favouring a divisive, either-or logic, which has sent Western thought into the evolutionary cul-de-sac it finds itself in today. For, as Carl Jung said, “One-sidedness … is a mark of barbarism,” whereas balancing opposites is “a sign of high culture”.

Having been educated as a mathematician in the early 1960s, Life made this life-changing switch within me in an irrepressible burst of creative energy during eight weeks in the spring of 1980, enabling evolution to become fully conscious of itself, much as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Julian Huxley foretold in the 1950s.

To describe what this holotropic, apocalyptic transformation could mean for the future of humanity, I have studied the history of human learning through etymology, going back to the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) roots of words wherever possible. The result of what David Bohm aptly called the ‘archaeology of language’ is an evolving hyperlinked Glossary of terms that I use to describe a theory of evolution that starts at the Divine Origin of the Universe, which Charles Darwin omitted to mention in On the Origin of Species in 1859.

Sadly, however, even awakening to our True Nature in Wholeness cannot ensure the survival of our species indefinitely. For humankind is not special. While humanity has the transfinite potential to develop far beyond machines with so-called artificial intelligence, we are subject to exactly the same laws of the Universe as all other beings in the manifest world of form. All structures emerging from the Formless Source are born to die, as we can see with what Tim Freke calls paralogical thinking, recognizing that opposites are never separate from each other in Reality. So, one day it is inevitable that a generation of children will be born who will not grow old enough to have children of their own.

When I first had this insight in Kuwait in the spring of 1982, I ingenuously thought that by admitting synergistic psychospiritual energies into science, humanity could thrive for a few more generations in the eschatological Age of Light, perhaps until the 23rd century. By developing a mathematical model of the exponential rate of evolutionary change, we could complete the final revolution in science, not unlike the way that Johannes Kepler and Isaac Newton had completed the first in the 1600s.

However, when I met Guy McPherson for lunch in Oslo in December 2017, I realized that I had been far too optimistic. Guy, Emeritus Professor of Natural Resources at Arizona University, told me that the pollution of industrial society is slowing down the rate of global heating through global dimming, also called the aerosol-masking effect. So, no matter what changes we might be able to make in our lives, we are now well past the critical tipping point. Abrupt, irreversible climate change is likely to lead to human extinction within the next decade or three, when separative financial institutions, which attempt to govern and constrain our lives, will also disappear.

Some forty years of profound self-inquiry have well prepared me for this inevitability, especially since attending a life-changing retreat in the Altai Mountains in 2008 in Russia, the original home of the Shamans. However, meditative, psychospiritual practices, such as Jñāna yoga, eventually break the most fundamental taboo of Western civilization, revealing that we humans are never separate from Nonduality, as the Immortal Ground of Being, for an instant.

As a Holoramic ‘Whole-seeing’ visionary, I am well aware that transcultural evolutionary studies that unify the powerful abstractions of mysticism and mathematics are not readily understandable and culturally acceptable to those educated and earning a living in the conventional manner. So, even though we are all deeply interconnected, my spiritual practice has taught me to enjoy living in the solitude of Wholeness, exquisitely encapsulated in the Sanskrit word Satchitānanda, as the ‘Bliss of Absolute Truth and Consciousness’.

Nevertheless, as evolution has carried me to its glorious culmination in the Eternal NowLife is guiding me to do whatever I can to help at these troubled times we live in. For, no matter where our individual journeys in life might take us, we all share the Divine Essence of Love.

As a rider, the website on which the Glossary is being constructed was designed in Drupal in 2013 by a friend in Sweden, who has since died. So, I am seeking someone who could help me repair the front page and the navigation flaws that have since emerged. Also, that website needs to be redesigned, perhaps with the domain name WholenessNow, if it is to be attractive to those seeking Inner Peace by answering the fundamental questions of human existence: Who are we? Where have we come from? Where are we going?

Furthermore, this eponymous website was designed with a standard WordPress theme. I feel that it would be much improved if I could find someone to help me develop a more elegant theme, reflecting the sense of Wholeness on which it is based. Also, I would much appreciate some assistance to convert these HTTP websites into a secure implementation of HTTPS.

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