Completing the Final Revolution in Science

Scientists and technologists are driving the pace of evolutionary change at unprecedented exponential rates of acceleration, but there is no socially acceptable explanation why we are behaving in this ignorant, unseeing manner. This is because the solution to an unprecedented problem can only come about through an unprecedented life experience, albeit with some experiences similar to those of the past and present.

Specifically, we cannot understand ourselves within the constrictive and delusive framework of Western civilization. We can only do so by standing outside ourselves, and hence within ourselves, to awaken to our life’s purpose, as Eckhart Tolle inspires us to do in his best-selling A New Earth. As he says, many of us are embodying a new species, which we can call Homo divinus, intelligently and consciously evolving in the Eternal Now from a species that has lost its way.

My own life’s purpose is to complete the final revolution in science, which has been unfolding during the past few decades, just as Isaac Newton completed the first in 1687 with the publication of the Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy.

This is absolutely essential because we are not living up to the name we have immodestly given ourselves: Homo sapiens ‘wise human’. For the most part, we are living in fear and ignorance in darkness, at best in twilight, not yet fully aware of the immense potential that lies within us to awaken in the eschatological Age of Light at the end of time.

For myself, to develop a comprehensive model of the psychodynamics of society, I have been working on the total transformation of consciousness since the spring of 1980, when I resigned from my marketing job with IBM in London, shortly after realizing that synergistic psychospiritual energies are causing my colleagues and me to behave in the way that we do.

By starting afresh at the very beginning, I then set out to unify the nonphysical and physical energies at work in the Universe, consciously reaching what the scientific mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called the Omega Point of evolution in 1982, its glorious culmination. At the time, I was working as a computer consultant, helping to design and implement an advanced management accounting system for the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.

When living in Kuwait, only my innate, intuitive intelligence had prepared me for this fantastic awakening and liberating experience. So since returning to the UK and then moving to Norway and Sweden, I have been using my generalizing skills as a mathematician, computer scientist, and information systems architect in business to understand and rationalize my life experiences so that I could communicate what I can see to those with at-least some similar experiences. Hence this website, which I began to set up in the summer of 2017.

Able to visualize the Totality of Existence as a coherent, holographic whole, I have been working mostly in solitude during the last thirty-five years, principally concerned with the central issue of our times, which affects every child, woman, and man on our beautiful planet Earth: the imminent extinction of Homo sapiens, one of the most endangered species at the moment, as we enter the sixth mass extinction.

This has meant coming fully alive as a human being, faced with the evolutionary inevitability that a generation of children will one day be born who won’t grow old enough to have children of their own. Despite being an optimist at heart, my intuitive estimate of when our human population will start to decline has been shortening rapidly during the past decade from a couple of a hundred years to maybe as few as ten.

To be as free as much as possible of attachment to the sense of a separate self in order to face the existential fear of death in all its forms, this has involved mostly living outside society as it is constituted today, making the most radical change to the work ethic since our hunter-gatherer forebears began to settle in village communities to cultivate the land and domesticate animals some ten thousand years ago.

Today, at seventy-five years of age, I feel the call to come out of hiding, narrating a little of my life story through this website in the name of Paul Hague, which means ‘dweller in a small field enclosed by hedges’. As the Cosmic Field in which we all live our lives is a formless continuum with no borders or divisions, I trust that in doing so, I could help stimulate the great awakening of Love, Intelligence, Consciousness, and Life before our inevitable demise.

In brief, I was born again in 1980 in an apocalyptic, eureka moment, being carried since then from the Alpha Point of evolution to its Omega Point and back again, the return journey being a dying, involutionary process rather than a creative, growth one. As my fragmented, split mind has been healed in Wholeness by mapping the Cosmic Psyche with Self-reflective Intelligence, I am now being guided to complete the final revolution in science, helping to harmonize evolutionary convergence.

It is quite a challenge, for this cultural revolution is utterly different from any previous paradigm change or shift in the way that we humans have viewed our relationship to God and the Universe, required by the existential threat of algorithmic machines with so-called artificial general intelligence taking over the workplace.

During the past few years, I have written several unpublished books and many essays and articles—as expressions of Wholeness—exploring what this radical transformation of consciousness could mean for all of us, available on the website for the Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics, encapsulated in a single diagram of the Grand Design of the Universe.

Essentially, this is a revolution in reasoning that takes place in the psyche, when we learn to stand outside ourselves to view all knowledge as a coherent whole, rather like the way the Internet views the structure and content of its billion hosts. For unless we are in contact with our Divine Source, as the Origin of the Universe, we cannot satisfactorily resolve the great identity crisis that has been disturbing human affairs for thousands of years.

Mystics through the ages have been taking a similar God’s-eye view of themselves as they have realized their True Nature in union with the Divine. For as Socrates said at his trial, “An unexamined life is not worth living.”

This Scientific Revolution is thus being driven by the worldwide Spiritual Renaissance, which could lead to the Sharing Economy and World Peace, below the foundations of mathematics as they have been understood since 1900. But there is no need to be a mathematician to understand what this means. No one can return Home to Wholeness, for nobody has ever left Home.

In order to attract as many people as possible to this website, the technical details of how we can complete the final revolution in science are kept to the minimum. All that needs to be mentioned is that the entire enterprise takes place within the contextual foundation of the traditional mystical worldview, best understood in the East, rather than the conventional Western scientific worldview—a radical contextual inversion.

The transformation of consciousness is then driven by the fundamental law of the Universe: opposites are never separate from each other in Realty. Heraclitus of Ephesus aptly called this irrefutable, universal truth the Hidden Harmony, the key to Inner Peace and hence World Peace.

This I also call the Principle of Unity at the heart of Integral Relational Logic, the art and science of thought and consciousness that we all implicitly use everyday to form concepts and organize our ideas, having evolved from the all-powerful information systems modelling methods underlying the Internet.

In turn, this commonsensical system of reason provides the Cosmic Context, Gnostic Foundation, and coordinating framework for the Theory of Everything, the solution to the ultimate problem of human learning that philosophers and scientists have sought throughout human history, not only within physics during the twentieth century.

This I call the Unified Relationships Theory or Panosophy, the complete integration of science, philosophy, and religion, of all humanities and sciences. This is quite possible because Integral Relational Logic reveals the underlying structure of the Universe, and hence the abstractions that underlie the Internet and all our learning, illustrated in this diagram.

By focusing attention on what we humans all share in common, the purpose of this website is therefore to help people relate to me as an ordinary human being, albeit with rare intelligence. In Community, in Love and joy, we could synergistically and collectively accelerate the harmonization of evolutionary convergence, realizing our fullest potential as superintelligent, superconscious beings.

For the great Global Crisis facing humanity today cannot be resolved within any existing culture, nation, industry, or discipline. Its solution can only be transcultural and transdisciplinary, recognizing and realizing the Sameness we all share as a species—the Unity in diversity.

Sameness, as our True Nature, Authentic Self, and Genuine Identity, is threefold:

  1. Consciousness, as the union of the traditionally incompatible conceptions of God and Universe, is Ultimate Reality, the Supreme Being.
  2. The Principle of Unity, which states Wholeness is the union of all opposites, an irrefutable paradoxical truth.
  3. We are all interconnected, interdependent on each other for our health, well-being, and survival for as long as possible as a flourishing species.

We can realize these universal truths through unconditional, unfiltered self-inquiry, when evolution becomes fully conscious of itself, establishing mystical psychology as the primary science, on which all humanities and sciences are built.

It is through self-enquiry that we can answer the most fundamental of all questions: “Who am I?” For until we understand ourselves, we cannot answer the other fundamental questions of human existence: “Where have we come from?” and “Where are we going?”, intelligently adapting to our rapidly changing environment, being blindly driven by scientific discovery and technological invention.

However, we have very little time as evolution passes through the most momentous turning point in its fourteen billion-year history, with the many existential risks confronting humanity closing in on us. It is thus not easy to visualize what could happen to humanity in the next decade or two, for we are living on a knife edge, as the world degenerates into chaos, as the nonlinear mathematics of systems dynamics predicts.

On the one hand, the potential is within all of us to synergistically participate in a great awakening, many orders of magnitude greater than what is happening at the moment. For, as Andrew Harvey has said, this apocalyptic situation makes absolutely clear the impermanence and precariousness of everything, bitch-slapping the human ego, destroying all illusions.

On the other hand, we need to face the fact that the democratic masses and their political, business, scientific, and religious leaders may not be able to make the necessary adjustments to how we live our lives in the little time we have available. This is as if a significant proportion of humanity is suffering from an incurable disease, in what Erich Fromm called our sick society, which I sometimes need to grieve over to cope with, like for a terminally ill relative.

As evolution rapidly carries us all into the end of time in the eschatological Age of Light, “What Are You Gonna Do?”, as Guy McPherson asked on 27th July 2017. Well, for myself, I continue to show how the completion of the final revolution in science could give humanity a vital life-shock, mustering as much compassion for our fellows as possible, recognizing that on the Edge of Extinction, only Love remains.

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