About this site

This website is the fourth I have set up since 1997, when I was fifty-five and took early retirement from IBM in Stockholm in order to explain what is causing scientists and technologists, like myself, to drive the pace of change in society at unprecedented, exponential rates of change. The other three sites have evolved as a manifestation of the comprehensive theory of evolution that I have been working on since leaving my marketing job with IBM in London in 1980.

For the most part, during the last twenty years, I have been more focused on ideas than people, on how to apply Self-reflective Intelligence to create a coherent map of the Cosmos and so heal my fragmented, split mind, developing a comprehensive model of the psychodynamics of human society from conception to death.

As I have been working mostly in solitude during the second half of my life, this website in my name focuses more on the personal, endeavouring to connect, at least, with those are similarly working on the awakening of intelligence and consciousness so that we can collectively complete the final revolution in science in the much longed-for Age of Light.

It is intended as a complement to the third of my earlier websites, that for the Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics with the motto ‘Harmonizing evolutionary convergence’, which contains a comprehensive set of pages, articles, treatises, and books that I have written during the past few years as my awakening and my thoughts have matured.

The menu of this website consists of just three main headings, apart from the introduction and the intended blog pages. On the right, are a few pages summarizing my life and work, including a description of my meditation practice, which is rather unusual in that it unifies the abstractions of Eastern mysticism and Western mathematics, viewed as the science of patterns and relationships.

Next to it is a menu listing fifteen Kindred spirits from the past, who have had an enormous influence on my own studies. Not the least this is because many of them were outsiders of the societies they lived in at their time, like me, questioning the basic assumptions and beliefs of the cultures in which they lived. So they were often not well understood and accepted by their contemporaries.

To invite my own contemporaries, as individuals and communities, to join me in completing the final revolution in science, the menu labelled Community will highlight just a few with whom I would like to work actively in our mutual interest. There are millions of other potential collaborators. But this selection could be a good start.

Once these basic pages are set up and a global community emerges to realize our fullest potential as superintelligent, superconscious humans, no doubt the skills I need to help me make these websites more interactive and secure will come forward.