Paul Hague


When I look at my entire life in hindsight, from the perspective of seventy-five years rich with experience, I can see that it has been lived at two levels: an open public one, where I have thought and acted in the way that society wants me to live, and a hidden level, guided by the creative power of Life. This I call my inner guru, which the Greeks and Romans called Daimon and Genius, respectively.

In this, I am not alone. Western civilization is a highly superficial culture, in science emphasizing the materialistic, mechanistic realm of existence and in religion seeking to maintain the cognitive and experiential split between Divinity and humanity, opened up many thousands of years ago. My final goal in life is thus to heal the split between the superficial and profound levels of human existence, to make them both public.

On the surface, I was born in the middle of the Second World War about sixty kilometres south-east of London. Seeking the Truth that all cultures share, I was then educated mostly in pure mathematics, a subject whose basic concepts are universal. My education then led me to spend my business career in the information technology industry, mostly with IBM in sales and marketing in London in the 1960s and 1970s and in software development in Stockholm in the 1990s.

I have also been married a couple of times, first in England to the mother of my two children and secondly in Norway, which led me to move to Sweden in 1990, receiving early retirement from IBM in 1997 when I was fifty-five. I then had the time and financial resources to focus attention on my life’s purpose: to return Home to Wholeness, unifying all opposites in Nonduality.

There is just one split remaining. Because I have spent a lifetime questioning the beliefs and assumptions of the authorities in my life in the spirit of curiosity, I have lived mostly in solitude as an outsider to society, like many of my Kindred spirits. My only remaining task in life is therefore to set up a team that could complete the final revolution in science, healing the split between the superficial and the profound, a pandemic in the world today.

For myself, I began my inner journey in 1974 when I became a systems engineering manager in an IBM sales office. On basic management training, I learned about Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, receiving an introduction to industrial psychology. From friends engaged in Eric Berne’s transactional analysis, I learned the parent-adult-child model of human relationships, being much helped by Thomas Harris’s I’m OK, You’re OK.

However, my psychospiritual journey only really took off in the spring of 1980, when I went through an apocalyptic death and rebirth process in the middle of Wimbledon Common in London, depicted in the header. Seeking to understand the essential difference between human intelligence and machines with so-called artificial intelligence, I was born again, discovering a wondrous inner world whose existence I had previously known little about.

To cut a very long story short, by generalizing the abstract information systems modelling methods that underlie the Internet, I have spent most of the second half of my life applying Self-reflective Intelligence to map the Cosmic Psyche, unifying the psychospiritual energies within us with the four forces recognized by physicists. As our minds create our reality, I have thus learnt to map the Universe in an unprecedented manner, forming all concepts, including mass, space, time, God, Universe, and I, in exactly the same manner, eventually transcending all the categories in Ineffable Wholeness.

In the process, by Divine grace, I have developed a comprehensive model of the psychodynamics of society, answering the Big Questions of human existence, such as “Who are we?”, “Where have we come from?”, and ”Where are we going, at exponential rates of accelerating change?”

The great challenge now is to communicate what I have learnt on this fantastic inner journey in Love and joy. Just describing the end point of Wholeness doesn’t really help, for this is far beyond words, even poetic ones that some mystics use to eloquently describe their innermost experiences.

So to present where I am coming from, I really need to describe my entire evolutionary journey in the context of evolution as a whole since the most recent big bang, as I have turned the horizontal dimension of time into the vertical, the essence of my inner experiences and meditation practice, which I need to describe in order for my books and essays to make sense.

These I have presented on three web sites since I retired from my business career in 1997. But the structure of all these writings is also evolutionary and is therefore best presented as such on my writings and websites pages.

Written 1st May 2017.