The Grand Design of the Universe

Although we all live in the same Universe as Consciousness, the vast majority still believe in the dictionary definition, that the word universe means ‘All space-time, matter, and energy, including the solar system, all stars and galaxies, and the contents of intergalactic space, regarded as a whole’.

Yet universe literally means ‘turned into one whole’, as it is derived from Latin ūniversum ‘whole’, from ūnus ‘one’ and vertere ‘to turn’. So when we turn all knowledge in all cultures and disciplines at all times into a coherent whole, a quite different picture of the Universe, as the Totality of Existence, emerges.

In my case, after a lifetime of searching and questioning, this is how I experience and visualize the Cosmic Context, Gnostic Foundation, and coordinating framework of the Universe, revealed by evolution becoming fully conscious of itself.

I trust that this picture, which is the result of Life healing my fragmented, split mind in Wholeness, could help bring us back to Reality, free, as much as possible, of the delusions taught to us as children and adolescents by the divisive education system.

Most significantly, this diagram could provide the framework and Contextual Foundation for a group of awakening beings to complete the final revolution in science, establishing Consciousness as fundamental and the interconnectedness of all beings in Wholeness.

More information on this cosmology of cosmology on the website for the Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics, with the motto ‘Harmonizing evolutionary convergence’, guided by the revelation or apocalypse of the Hidden Harmony of Heraclitus, the prerequisite for Inner Peace and hence World Peace.

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