In 1931, Albert Einstein wrote in a piece commemorating the centenary of James Clerk Maxwell’s birth, “The belief in an external world independent of the perceiving subject is the basis of all natural science.” Nothing could be further from the truth. In my experience, the Totality of Existence, in both nonphysical and physical form, emerges from the Formless, Nondual Datum of the Universe, projected through the Cosmic Psyche.

Thus, the world we live in is a projection of the Divine, via our cognitive maps and conceptual models, which govern the way we live our lives, mostly sub- and unconsciously. The word projection derives from Latin proiectionem (nominative proiectio) ‘a throwing forward, a stretching out’, from the past participle of proicere ‘to throw forth’, from pro– ‘forth’ and iacere ‘to throw, cast, hurl’.

The Romans constructed many words from jacere, mostly in a physical sense, but sometimes using them mentally or psychologically. Here is a list of Latin prefixes, all of which have led to English words, with a wide variety of meanings: ab– ‘away’, con– ‘together’, de– ‘down’, e– ‘out’, in– ‘in’, ob– ‘against’, pro– ‘forth’, re– ‘back’, sub– ‘under’, and tra– ‘across’.

As the laws of the Universe—viewed as a meaningful information system—apply equally to the psychospiritual realm and materialistic domain, we could use these –ject and –jection words to shed much light on the psychodynamics of society, answering the fundamental questions of human existence: Where have we come from? Who or what are we? and Where are we going? This was the title of the troubled Paul Gauguin’s paradisal masterpiece, painted in Tahiti in 1897.

These propelling words indicate that we are all constantly throwing ideas, opinions, and beliefs around in a rather chaotic manner, especially projecting them into the institutions that lay down the rules that govern our lives and onto others as a form of defence mechanism. So, if the creative power of Life is to heal our sick society, cocreating institutions that are in harmony with the fundamental laws of the Universe, this can only happen through open-hearted and open-minded self-inquiry, free of the delusions that mostly govern our lives today.

A good starting point for this thought experiment is to methodically throw ideas together in an all-inclusive Conjecture, from Latin coniectūra ‘a guess, inference; divination, soothsaying’. I call this rational, taxonomic, and holographic method Integral Relational Logic, which has evolved from the transcultural and transdisciplinary modelling methods underlying the Internet through the creative power of Life, being ejected directly by and from the Source.

In turn, this commonsensical system of thought provides the Cosmic Context, Gnostic Foundation, and framework or system of coordinates for the Conjecture, validated through the blissful and joyful experience of Wholeness. This Divination is the much sought-for Theory of Everything, which I call the Unified Relationships Theory or Panosophy, the complete unification of science, philosophy, and religion and hence of all sciences and humanities. For, as Einstein wrote in 1946 in the New York Times Magazine, “a new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move to higher levels.”

Sadly, however, such a Cosmology—as an all-encompassing way of looking at the world we live in—tends to be rejected ‘thrown back’, as we also see in polarizing politics. This is mainly because a harmonious, bipartisan, both-and approach to life does not fit into any of the fragmented social structures that most feel that they belong to. Hence, ending the war between science and spirituality and mysticism and mathematics, which is essential to realize Inner Peace, is often objected to or ignored by those still attached to and conditioned by traditional, cultural conventions.

So, whether Life will collectively conject ‘throw together’ all the divergent streams of evolution at its glorious culmination—as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin foresaw in The Human Phenomenon—looks a most unlikely project. This is despite the fact that Panosophy supersedes Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection—by solving the ultimate problem in human learning with Self-reflective Intelligence. For Darwin’s theory of evolution neither explains the origin of species nor what has caused species to evolve into Homo sapiens ‘wise human’, now on the brink of extinction, sometimes leading to dejection ‘a lowering of spirits’ or ‘casting down’.

Yet, if we could recognize the limitations and distortions of axiomatic mathematical logic, of materialistic and mechanistic science, and of monetary economics, that technology cannot save us, and that Love is the Divine Essence we all share, a miracle could still happen in collective consciousness, revealing the innermost secrets of the Cosmos in the most magnificent apocalyptic awakening, already glimpsed by some intrepid, curious explorers.

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