Transcending polarized fragmentation

As divisive, either-or democratic elections indicate, the human race is suffering from a pandemic of polarized fragmentation, caused by cognitive evolution being more divergent than convergent during the five thousand years of the patriarchal epoch, at least.

We are thus mostly ignorant of the fundamental law of the Universe: Wholeness is the union of all opposites. Denial of this irrefutable, universal truth, which I call the Principle of Unity, leads to delusion, making society ungovernable, as fourteen billion years of evolution pass through its Accumulation Point into chaos. This is despite the worthy attempts of progressive liberal and social democrats to unify our differences as unique beings.

For no human agent, such as a physician, psychotherapist, or spiritual teacher, can heal our wounds. Such a miracle can only come about through Self-reflective Divine Intelligence, which is the eyesight of Consciousness, which provides the radiant, coherent light that enables us to map the Cosmic Psyche holographically. At best, all we can actually do is mirror each other’s inner beings, whether these be Gnostic, egoic, something in between, or even both.

Historically, transcending the categories of our polarized, dualistic minds has been more common than healing our fragmented, specialist minds, as transcultural, transdisciplinary Panosophers. We can see this from the Nondual experiences of mystics through the ages, sometimes presenting an attractive serene demeanour. Yet, as Advaita sages teach, there is no doership, for none of us is ever separate from the Absolute for an instant. Self-actualization and -realization are gifts of God—as the Datum of the Universe, ‘that which gives and causes’, from Latin dare ‘to give; cause’.

The pre-eminent Christian mystic Meister Eckhart, after whom the celebrity spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle has named himself, described what it means to have inseparable Divine and human identities, with a primary-secondary relationship between them, when he said, “The eye with which I see God is the same as that with which he sees me.”

To denote such an all-encompassing perspective—mapping the psychodynamics of society, as a whole—I have coined Holoramic ‘Whole-seeing’, from Greek holos ‘whole’ and horāma ‘sight, view’, modelled on panoramic. The word Holoramic is intended to emphasise that taking the more customary anthropocentric point of view puts the cart before the horse, greatly inhibiting us from understanding what it truly means to be human—with the defining characteristic of Self-reflective Intelligence—in contrast to machines with so-called artificial intelligence.

Standing outside ourselves, the motto of this eponymous website, is absolutely essential if we are to collectively resolve the great existential crisis we face today, accepting that Homo sapiens ‘wise human’ is not immortal. No one is to blame for the sixth mass extinction of the species on Earth. This is just the Universe inexorably following its own Cosmic law: all structures, emerging from the Divine Source of Being, are born to die.

In saying this, I am going even further than Vimala Thakar, who said in Spirituality and Social Action: A Holistic Approach: “In a time when the survival of the human race is in question, continuing with the status quo is to cooperate with insanity, to contribute to chaos.” As conservatism is extremely dangerous at these rapidly changing times, she therefore asks, “Do we have the vitality to go beyond narrow, one-sided views of human life and to open ourselves to totality, wholeness?” For, as she says, “The call of the hour is to move beyond the fragmentary, to awaken to total revolution.”

Vimala’s visionary book, much inspired by J. Krishnamurti and Mohandas Gandhi, is not available on her website or on Amazon, for instance, not even second-hand. It thus seems that the creative power of Life has not yet given us the vitality to synergistically transcend polarized fragmentation, liberated from our constraining conditioning, passed from generation to generation for millennia, ever since the invention of money.

This means that no system of governance that humans have experimented with during the last five thousand years—since the dawn of history and the first civilizations—is workable in today’s computer age. Viewing the Cosmos as a meaningful information system, the only viable system of governance in the wisdom society is one managed through the modelling methods of information systems architects in business, rather than the quantitative financial modelling methods of economists, bankers, and accountants.

However, such a life-enhancing, bipartisan way of organizing our affairs, in concordance with the underlying structure of the Internet and the Universe, would only be practical in the Age of Light within a system of governance that Henryk Skolimowski called lumenarchy. This global economy would be enlightened by the coherent light of Consciousness, after the clouds of unknowing are cleared away, as an anonymous Christian English mystic taught in the fourteenth century.

As we are still mostly living in the dark, at best semi-light, the chances of these clouds being blown away soon look pretty slim. Yet, in my eightieth year since my conception, I live as if it is still possible to awaken to Total Revolution as a community of awakened souls, demystifying the mystery of life and being by consummating the final revolution in science, just as Isaac Newton completed the first in 1687 with the publication of Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy.

It is an enormous challenge, for few yet have sufficient open-mindedness and -heartedness to break free of the shackles of their family and social environment, inwardly knowing that Love is the Divine Essence we all share. There is but one possibility: to bring the ancient wisdom of enlightened beings into mainstream consciousness, little understood by the polarized mind, preferring conflict-ridden, either-or thinking to a more harmonious, both-and approach to life.

As the illogicality of Western reason is still not recognized, this miracle has not yet happened. So, it is in solitude in the Eternal Now that my inner guru continues to guide me to write the final chapter of my final book titled ‘Universal Algebra in Practice’. This book, titled Unifying Mysticism and Mathematics: To Reveal Love, Peace, Wholeness, and the Truth, fulfils dreams I had at 16 and 38 to transcend the materialism and mechanism of physics in order to end the long-running war between science and religion, which I set out to do as a seven-year-old.

The first three chapters on ‘Business Modelling’, ‘Integral Relational Logic’, and ‘From Zero to Transfinity’ and the fourth on ‘Sequences, Series, and Spirals’ are available on my other website for the Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics, which needs to be repaired and updated if I could find a Drupal web developer who would help me to do so.

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