Awakening Self-reflective Intelligence

As an introduction to my life’s work seeking to heal the deep wound in the psyche between science and mysticism, I have published a 32-page article on the website for the Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics titled ‘Awakening Self-reflective Intelligence: The Eyesight of Consciousness’.

This article contains an outline of the solution to the ultimate problem of human learning, which has baffled humans through the ages. Most significantly, it provides irrefutable scientific proof that Consciousness is fundamental–not matter, space, and time–and that none of us is ever separate from any other being, including the Supreme Being, for an instant.

So if this synthesis of everything were ever understood, accepted, and published, we would be able to live in Love and Peace with each other in the Age of Light during the last few remaining years of our species dwelling on our beautiful planet Earth.

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