Finding Inner Peace

We live in a world at war with itself, the most obvious evidence being the monetary global economy. For while banks constantly create new money as loans, this cannot continue indefinitely. The money supply must remain finite in order for money to retain its value, in whatever form this might take.

So when people seek to obtain a larger slice of the finite monetary cake, they must fight their fellow human beings to do so. The basic reason why even friendly people behave in this combative, bellicose, competitive way is that money provides many with a precarious sense of security and identity in life.

Money thus serves as a false immortality symbol, essentially because over the millennia our minds have become fragmented and split, cognitively and experientially separate from the Immortal Ground of Being that we all share as our True Nature, Authentic Self, and Genuine Identity.

So to find Inner Peace, we can either follow the traditions of the mystics, free of the sense of a separate self by transcending the schizoid mind in Oneness, or we can heal the deluded mind in Wholeness, a seamless, borderless continuum, with no divisions anywhere.

Either is absolutely essential if we are to face the imminent death of our species with equanimity, sharing our financial resources with our fellow humans for as long as they last. For as Guy McPherson says at the end of some of his YouTube videos, “On the edge of extinction, only Love remains.”

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