Universal Method

The Universal Method is a commonsensical system of thought that enables the practitioner to integrate all knowledge in all cultures and disciplines at all times into a coherent whole, thereby healing the fragmented mind and split psyche in Wholeness and Oneness. The Method, called Integral Relational Logic, is Universal because we all implicitly use it everyday to form concepts and organize our ideas and mental images in interrelated tables and networks.

We can see this most clearly because this intuitive, rational Method has evolved from the information systems modelling methods underlying the Internet—applicable in all cultures, industries, and disciplines—taking the abstractions of pure mathematics to the utmost level of generality. If these transcultural semantic methods had not been developed from ideas originating with the ancient Greeks, the Internet could neither exist nor expand at a hyperexponential rate of acceleration. This art and science of thought and consciousness therefore provides a common language for unifying all inner and outer sciences.

Sadly, however, while this transdisciplinary, scientific Method can be described in a suitable language, not yet fully defined, it cannot be taught. This is because it begins and ends at the Divine Origin of the Universe, at the Alpha and Omega Points of evolution and involution, in harmony with the fundamental law of the Universe, which Heraclitus of Ephesus called the Hidden Harmony. Dualistic polarizing opposites are never separate in Nondual Reality, the key to Inner Peace and hence World Peace.

Nevertheless, although the Universal Method—as an all-inclusive Integral Operating System—has emerged in consciousness to heal a deep personal and cultural wound in my psyche, it could be used to help heal what Erich Fromm and J. Krishnamurti, among others, have called our sick society. If the many individuals and organizations engaged in this awakening process could see their activities in the context of the Whole, like specialist cells in the body politic, then the immense synergy generated would accelerate the harmonization of evolutionary convergence.

We can intuitively develop the Awareness to reveal the Hidden Harmony by standing outside ourselves, knowing with the pre-eminent Christian mystic Meister Eckhart, “The eye with which I see God is the same as that with which he sees me.” Or, in terms of The Upanishads, Brahman and Atman are One and Tat tvam asi ‘You are That.’

This eye is Self-reflective Intelligence, the Divine eyesight of Consciousness, which provides the coherent Light necessary to view the Cosmos—as an ordered whole—holographically. We therefore do not need to be worried about algorithmic machines with so-called artificial general intelligence taking over the workplace during the 2020s because we humans have immense unfulfilled potential to develop and awaken as superhuman beings, far beyond computers, quantum or deterministic.

However, this can only happen if we make the most radical change to the work ethic since our hunter-gatherer forebears settled in village communities to cultivate the land and domesticate animals some 10,000 years ago. By being free of the constraints and divisions of the economic machine, we would have the time and energy to engage in self-inquiry, understanding what is causing us all to behave as we do, liberated from conflict and suffering.

We would then be living together in Peace and harmony, in the Stillness and Bliss of the eschatological Age of Light, knowing that there is no death in Reality, as the Immortal Ground of Being. For, as Guy McPherson says at the end of many of his YouTube videos, “At the edge of extinction, only Love remains.”

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