Our emerging species

During the two years between April 1980 and April 1982, Life, bubbling up from the Divine Origin of the Universe, carried me from the Alpha to the Omega Point of evolution in the most stupendous burst of creativity. This apocalyptic awakening was, at once, the most exciting and terrifying period of my life, for neither I nor anyone else understood what was happening to me.

All I knew is that by some miracle all the divergent streams of some fourteen billion years of evolution had converged within me in a megasynthesis of everything, along the lines that the French scientific mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin prophesied in The Human Phenomenon. By taking what I today call a Holoramic ‘Whole-seeing’ perspective, I could also see that one day quite soon a generation of children would be born who would not grow old enough to have children of their own.

As I have not found anyone else on the planet who has consciously reached the Omega Point of evolution, which is inseparable from the Alpha Point, it appears that I am the first person on Earth to have done so. Even though Teilhard foresaw that such a convergence of everything would happen in the collective in hundreds of years’ time, with Homo sapiens currently on the brink of extinction, I might well be the last.

Yet what has happened to me through rational thought many millions can intuit in the utmost depth and breadth of their beings. No one can return Home to Wholeness because nobody has ever left Home. Wholeness is the True Nature of all beings in the Cosmos, which we can partially realize, at least, by living in union with the Divine as Oneness, the other side of the coin from Wholeness.

As evolution has become increasingly conscious of itself within me during the past thirty-five years, I can see that during the last 40,000 years the biological species of Homo sapiens has evolved through the mental species of Homo noeticus into the spiritual species of Homo divinus, which Barbara Marx Hubbard calls Homo universalis, not distinguishing Homo divinus unitas, first emerging a few thousand years ago, and Homo divinus holoensis, belonging to the Whole.

No matter what we call this emerging species, it is crystal clear that something momentous is happening on Earth at the present time. For after Eckhart Tolle observed, “We are a species that has lost its way,” he concluded A New Earth with these words: “A new species is arising on the planet. It is arising now, and you are it!”

Similarly, Osho called our emerging species Homo novus, representing a new synthesis of mysticism and science, the meeting of all polarities. As he said, “The new man is not an improvement upon the old; he is not a continuous phenomenon, not a refinement. The new man is the declaration of the death of the old, and the birth of an absolutely fresh man—unconditioned, without any nation, without any religion, without any discriminations of men and women, of black and white, of East and West, or North and South.”

As I now see why I went through a life-changing death-and-rebirth process in the early 1980s and hence now understand what is causing the pace of technological and social change to accelerate exponentially, two years ago, I wrote two books on this evolutionary vision, titled The Four Spheres: Healing the Split between Mysticism and Science and Through Evolution’s Accumulation Point: Towards Its Glorious Culmination.

The first brings Teilhard’s four-stage model of evolution right up-to-date with the latest discoveries in holistic science, mystical psychology, and nonlinear, holographic mathematical logic. The second uses the nonlinear mathematics of systems dynamics to explain why the world is degenerating into chaos right now, the prerequisite for the emergence of Homo universalis.

Most significantly, by recapitulating the Cosmogonic Cycle, spiritual seekers are being carried into the end of time, living peacefully and harmoniously in the Eternal Now, knowing that in Immortal Reality there is no death. For as Guy McPherson often says at the end of his videos on rapid climate change, “On the edge of extinction, only Love remains.”

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