On Wholeness

Wholeness is Wholeness is Wholeness, not any fragment or aspect. That’s it. That’s all there is. There is nothing else.

No one can return Home to Wholeness, for nobody has ever left Home. Wholeness is the True Nature, Authentic Self, and Genuine Identity that we all share.

We become partially aware of who we truly are by transcending the categories of the split mind in Oneness, the other side of the coin from Wholeness.

We become fully aware when evolution becomes conscious of itself, holistically healing the fragmented mind, for health is cognate with whole and holy.

As we are all Wholeness, with no divisions anywhere, there is no need to prolong wars between the spiritual and scientific worldviews or Holy wars, wars between misconstrued notions of Wholeness.

Both Homo sapiens and I can thereby die in Peace, for in Wholeness there is no separate ‘I’ that can die.

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