This page lists blog posts announcing the publication of articles, essays, and books that I have written since the autumn of 2017, when this website was set up. A full list of books, articles, and essays is available on my website for the Alliance for Mystical Pragmatics.

6th April 2021Looking inwards
13th March 2021Communicating with Each Other
30th September 2020Bringing Universal Order to chaos
23rd March 2020Viewing the Global Crisis with Self-reflective Intelligence
4th March 2020Demystifying the mystery of Being
17th December 2019Mapping the Cosmic Psyche
10th November 2019Healing our sick society
26th June 2019Healing my Fragmented Mind in Wholeness
16th April 2019My Liberating Work Ethic
9th April 2019I am Wholeness
25th March 2019Our Human Story
3rd February 2019Realizing Love, Peace, Wholeness, and the Truth
20th June 2018Business modelling
4th April 2018Panosophical Bibliography
14th January 2018Starting Afresh at the Very Beginning
14th January 2018Mystical Pragmatics
29th October 2017Awakening Self-reflective Intelligence